Seen and heard

Sometimes ad dios are mentioned or, in other ways, seen in different
media. We would like to give you three recent examples of this; the first
is a review from USA, the second is a press item in a Danish magazine
and the third comes from a streaming radio website.

> Tolkien-inspired music is full of surprises. Just when you think
every note has been played, every genre done to death, something
new and interesting rears its head. This is certainly the case with
the two CDs that fell into my lap for review earlier this month.

A Journey through Middle-earth is the sixth full-length release
by Ad Dios. Self-described as “instrumental music inspired by myths
and ancient landscapes,” these veteran Swedish progressivists offer
an aesthetically pleasing blend of organic and electronically-realized
melodies, each expressive of a different location encountered in LotR
(e.g., Old Forest, Lothlorien, Osgiliath, Anduin). No tired new age
lethargy here. Ad Dios set a brisk walking pace with their opening
leitmotif and maintain it consistently throughout the 61-minute
pilgrimage. (Favorable comparisons with Bo Hansson’s 1970 classic,
Sagan om ringen, are tempting.) There is nothing hackneyed or
contrived about the instrumentation of this material. It is suggestive
in its simplicity and invites the listener to fill in the details. This is
subcreation as it should be.

Reviewer: Chris Seeman, The Tolkien Music List

Below is example no. 2 from the Danish furniture magazine IDEmöbler;
a small press item presented within the theme “Tid til ro og eftertanke”
(Time for stillness and reflection).

The Endless Knot – pdf

Our third example comes from Middle-earth radio, where you can
listen to streaming Tolkien-related music. We are represented in
two streams and will also be heard in upcoming talk-shows. If you
like, it is also possible to participate in their poll about which is your
favourite song from the Middle-Earth album. So, why not, go ahead
and vote at Middle-earth radio ad dios poll! : )

Visible regards,
ad dios

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