During the years ad dios has been a part of several projects which,
for different reasons, never did leave the studio.

In the late 90s we played quite a lot live, and at one of the gigs we met
the talented harpist Ray Adams (something of a Swedish Loreena McKennit).
Together with Göran Thörnblad, another great musician playing the didgeridoo,
we formed a constellation called Travelers. We played some of Ray´s music,
and some of our own.

The nearly forgotten gem we present this time is one of the few existing
recordings of Travelers, and comes from a rehearsal session. Probably
you will recognize the song, Rocky Shore?

The musical structure of this track comes from The Sacrifice, on the Avalon
album, and the lyrics are written by Ray.

Rocky Shore, Travelers – mp3

Archive greetings,
ad dios

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