The music of ad dios can be heard in many different contexts.
The one we would like to pay attention to this time is perhaps
somewhat limited in time, but could still be a really good idea.

Quite often you hear the most disturbing and noisy sounds from
mobile phones in the vicinity. But, there are in fact other ways
of doing this! Even so, you can choose a song from ad dios,
which of course only brings positive effects all around!
No guarantee of the total realaxation as with the persons
in the below picture, but still… : )

The solution to this is called Relaxtones, and is presented by
Theta Wellness Music, the publisher of ad dios albums and
much more.

For the time being there are two songs from ad dios in the
selection of ringtones, Ascending and Floating, both from
the album Echoes in Stone. Check them out here, and you
will contribute to less ear pollution in your neighbourhood… : )

Subtle regards,
ad dios