One chord to rule them all…

Combining myths and legends from both Celtic and Nordic traditions,
you will end up in the magnificent landscape of J R R Tolkien. This
is exactly the ideal surroundings for ad dios, and where we have
been lurking around the last year and a half! : ) To no great surprise
our new album will be entitled: A Journey through Middle-Earth…

We are of course not the first ones to find musical inspiration from
The Lord of the Rings. Other Swedish groups have walked down
the same path many years before us; Bo Hansson and Isildurs Bane,
to mention the two most notable.

The treats we present you this time, are a preliminary version of
the last track, Anduin, as well as a draft of the cover. And, why not,
since there is lots of time for listening during the weekend; we also
publish a somewhat updated version of the title track! : )

Middle-Earth – mp3

Anduin – mp3

Regards from Middle-Earth,
ad dios

Further listening:
Bo Hansson – Sagan om Ringen
Isildurs Bane – Sagan om Ringen

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