ad dios covers

It is of course always nice to realise that someone has taken
the effort and made a cover or a new arrangement from
a song of ours. This has not been the case very often with
ad dios, but there are a few examples though! : )

The latest representatives has in fact not yet been heard at all,
because the performances will take place in April. It is a youth
symphony orchestra in Lund who during their concerts in both
Lomma Church, 25th April, and Stadshallen in Lund, 26th April,
will play classical arrangments of Spiral Dance (Avalon) and
Overlooking (Echoes in Stone). We will update you with more
information about the concerts as soon as possible…

But, there is another cover example as well; a very early song,
Battle of Mount Badon. This piece never made it for an album
mainly because it did not really fit in with the other tracks. But,
it was always on our set list when performing live. Our good friend
and cooperation partner, Anders Widell, found the song so intriguing
that he made a version of his own! Listen to both the original and
the cover below – indeed nostalgic gems from the past… : )

Battle of Mount Badon – mp3

Battle of Mount Badon; cover – mp3

Under cover greetings,
ad dios