In the beginning part II

One of the major musical “roots” of ad dios are to be found in electronic
music from the 70s; Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese and Klaus Schulze.
They were true pioneers, beginning already in the late 60s with quite
experimental music, soon to start off to explore the vaste landscape
of sequencers and synthesizers, especially the mighty Moog!

Edgar Froese was the founder of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze
joined as a drummer. Through various lineups the group has survived
and actually still exists (with only remaining original member Froese).
But, what they achieved in those early days, with the technology
available, is still amazing; marvellous textures, soundscapes, rhythms
as well as melody!

It is not by chance that watching from above in our studio there is
a large poster with Klaus Schulze performing in 1978… : )

Electronic greetings,
ad dios

Recommended albums for a start:
Tangerine Dream – Rubycon, Stratosfear, Tangram
Edgar Froese – Epsilon in Malaysian Pale
Klaus Schulze – X, Babel

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