ad dios live

Believe it or not; long before Avalon, and any thoughts of albums,
ad dios actually performed as a “live band”! And the demand for
recordings from people listening to our gigs was a major factor
when the decision was taken to make our first album.

The little treat we offer, are two recordings from “Kulturnatten”
(The Night of Culture) in Lund 1991. We did performances at this
event several times during the late 80s and early 90s.

As the recordings are tapped directly from the mixer, you will
not hear the audience reactions, but all the wrong notes proves
that a good show outweighs a week performance! : ) During
the show we projected slides behind the band, some of which
are found in the Avalon and Ancient Landscapes CD booklets.
Regarding the slides, remember that this was back in the days
when the highlight of computer graphics was Tetris and Brick
Out… : )

One of the live tracks, Myrddin, has been released on the limited
edition CD, Excavations from 1998. The other one, Beltane Fires,
is previoulsy unreleased (no to be confused with Beltane Fires
on The Endless Knot album though; a completely different song).

Myrddin live – mp3

Beltane Fires live – mp3

Besides the old live recordnings you can look at two posters from
one of the years of Kulturnatten. One of them was banned and
then replaced – guess which one? : )

Posters – jpg

Lively regards,
ad dios