In the beginning

A recurring topic on this page will be how and why the music
of ad dios has become what it is today. It all started with books…

Fascinated by the Arthurian legend and old Celtic myths, there were
two authors in particular inspiring us while making our first album, Avalon.

In our opinion, the best retelling of the Arthurian legends made, is done by
Mary Stewart, in her Merlin Trilogy; The Crystal Cave, The Hollow Hills and
The Last Enchantment. Told from Merlin´s point of view, they span from his
boyhood, until the time when Camelot is at its peak.

Another novel that was a source of inspiration in the making of Avalon
(also for Ancient Landscapes and The Endless Knot, if you take a closer
look) was Marion Bradley´s The Mists of Avalon. In this work the narrator
is Morgaine, Arthur´s sister (aka Mogan le Fay); not as the villain, but as
the defender of the old religion against the growing power of the Christian

Hopefully some of you still have some days off before the Christmas holidays
are over, and the time to read a new book (or four?)! Having done so, you will
perhaps listen to Avalon with different ears…

Happy New Year! : )
ad dios

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