Functional music

The traditional CD album is still the most common way of
distributing the music of ad dios. But since we live in a world
of constant change the number of listeners who prefer the
digital form (such as mp3 and mp4, for instance) are indeed
increasing all the time. Though it does not end with the actual
format of media…

Many people have discovered the functional aspect of the music
as well. Therefore you might find our songs in many different
contexts throughout Europe. Do not be surprised when attending
your next yoga class or seminar, hearing a song from ad dios.

Others listen to the music while studying or driving their car.
Or when visiting their dentist, physiotherapist or enjoying a
massage. Or to gain focus before a demanding sport effort or
relaxing after a day at the office.

To read more about this aspect, and listen, see the heading
Functional music here above.

Adapted regards,
ad dios