What´s on?

Not so much news has been published here for quite a while now.
However there are a few projects evolving with ad dios participating
in different ways.

For instance there is a French Tolkien enthusiast who is working on
the second compilation volume of music inspired by the world of
J R R Tolkien. For this project we have produced a special remix
of the song Moria from our Middle-Earth album. Below you can see,
how the first volume looked like, and of course we will be back with
more news further on…

We are also in the early stages of several other projects. For example
a few lounge remixes (and perhaps also original compositions?) for
an upcoming music production at Wellness Music.

At the same time we are of course working on some new pieces of music
for our next album…

We wish you all a really nice and relaxing summer!  : )

Sunny greetings,
ad dios