Past, present and future

For quite a few years we have been pondering on the possibilty of returning
to our past, to our first two albums; Avalon and Ancient Landscapes from
1994 and 1996. But, we normally never get past this stage of contemplation
and nostalgia.

Until some time ago when we realised that we were not alone thinking
along these lines. Our publisher/distributor, Theta Wellness Music, had
in fact also been considering something similar.

So, for the last months we have been on a journey back in well known
surroundings; listening, reflecting and trying to find new aspects without
losing the original idea and feeling in the songs. Below you can see
the original cover of our first album, Avalon.

Since the idea is to take the essence from both albums and fit them
into one only, we started with reducing the number of tracks which
was not very easy!

After this we have recreated the songs, finding the suitable sounds,
rearranging and also adding some new musical ideas. Right now, we are
in the middle of recordning guest musicians and mixing the songs.

After further listening and mixing during the weeks to come, the plan is
to release the new album, preliminary named Avalon revisited, some time
in early autumn. The past as our present today, will soon be the future
as well…

Revisited regards,
ad dios