New album on its way

The summer has indeed been a brilliant one, and ad dios activity has been
rather low. But, we are getting there with the new release anyway…

All recordnings are now done and we are in the final stages of mixing
the chosen tracks; there will be fourteen of them as it seems. The process
of picking the songs was a hard one, but we think we are finally on the
right track! : )

To give you a little something to listen to while waiting for the whole
album, we present the new version of Excalibur from Avalon. However,
this is one of the songs that was not selected in the final round. So, this
might be a bit of a gem further on; listen and see if you still recognise it?

Meanwhile we will be working on the final mix and the new artwork for
the upcoming album…

Excalibur – mp3

Greetings from the studio,
ad dios