Summer time

Few things are as nice as lying in the shade with a good book on
a summer’s day! Last Christmas we recommended some litterature,
and if you have not yet had the chance to read it, the time might
have come… : )

If you already have done that, and would like to to explore the myths
and landscape from our Avalon-trilogy, there are two (or three) other
authors we recommend.

While travelling in Britain we have visited a lot of ancient places
and monuments. Most of these we have found in the books
by Janet & Colin Bord. In their masterpiece, Mysterious Britain,
you get to learn locations and stories of sites all over Britain.
Chapters such as ‘The standing stones and circles of prehistory’
and ‘Earthworks on the hilltops’ give you a clue of what it is
all about. Another chapter is dedicated to Glastonbury – really
a place you must not miss; see below.

Our other recommendation is an author who actually is living in
Glastonbury; Geoffrey Ashe. He wrote The Quest for Arthur´s Britain
in 1968, and has ever since combined ancient myths with arceo-
logical facts in search of the truth about the legend of King Arthur.
Well worth reading, we would say! : )

Sunny regards,
ad dios

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