In the beginning part IV

Returning to the theme from the first entry of “In the beginning”,
litterature, there is still a lot more to say…

As some of you hopefully still have some days off before the seasonal
holiday has come to an end, there is time to read a few new books and
therefore we will continue with another author who indeed has inspired
us a good deal.

Stephen Lawhead is, even though an American, one of the authors who
best has captured the “Celtic spirit”. Especially while composing our albums
Avalon and The Endless Knot, we had his books in mind, and in the studio.

He has written more then 20 novels, of which many are highly recommended.
Our suggested selection for you:

The Pendragon Cycle – consist of five novels, where the two first,
Taliesin and Merlin, are the gems in the series. Combining the stories
of Myrddin with elements from the Atlantis legend you might end up
on a slippery slope, which easily could mean disaster, but in the hands
of Stephen Lawhead it all works out very well!

Song of Albion – three books based on Celtic mythology; The paradise war,
The silver hand and The Endless Knot. Together they form a perfect trilogy,
read them all!

Happy New Year! : )
ad dios

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